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~ K9 Organics ~

~ For the best coat your dog will ever own ~ 

Why Organic?
Organic means working with nature, not against it. 
It is the natural approach towards the earth. 
Organic is the environmentally sustainable management of the land, natural environment and pure love and appreciation for all things in it. 
Homed wildlife, buzzing bees, happier animals, more birds better soil, healthier food, healthier people and healthier pets!
K9 Organics is not a fleeting trend - it is a return to tradition.
Nature loving care, is what we do best.

Why K9 Organics, you ask?

* A full range of exciting and organic natural dog products

* Skin sensitivites are our speciality  

* Kind & Gentle formulations.                                          


* Nourishing formulations in all of our blended products                                                                                

* We use Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients 

* Our product formulations are Bio-degradable

* K9 Organics is Eco-Friendly & Vegan friendly

* Something for every dog from Puppies to Seniors           


* We use Subtle scents for Pure aromas                                                         

* Cruelty Free. You will be supporting nature.


* Award winning products = Award winning results.

Organic ingredients   
Coat brightening
Essential Oils 
Short haired 
100% Natural   
Long haired 
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