K9 Organics Natural Calming Spray for Dogs

As lockdown starts to lift, dogs everywhere are having to get used to less company around the house and spending more time on their own again, having spend the last few months by your side, undoubtedly going on several exciting walks with each and every family member every day! Separation anxiety is real - and you may have notice your dogs being a little out of sorts while they adjust back to everyday life again.

K9 Organics Calming Spray is the perfect solution to naturally help ease any separation anxiety or excitable anxious moments. Winning numerous awards since release, the hand sized English Lavender Calming Spray has been successfully used with Puppies, Travelling issues, Bonfire Night fright and more. It is a subtle natural Lavender based alternative to sedation or medications and a beautiful product to smooth and condition your dogs coat with added Shea too! Priced at £8 available at www.k9organics.co.uk

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