Bonfire Night Competition & Advice Share!

To help your pet settle this bonfire night, we're running a Bonfire Night competition! And, as part of the competition we're inviting dog owners to tell us about anything they do to help their pets when they are scared of fireworks. We can then share these top tips to other dog owners to try on November 5th.

If your dog is anxious on Bonfire Night, with the fireworks going off and all the loud bangs and flashes of light, then read on. It's enough to scare anyone, let alone a dog that has no idea what's happening. It's like the worst storm they've ever seen and heard, and it sounds like it's right outside the window, in their garden...and it could come into the house at any time...

Our K9 Organics Lavender Calming Spray has just won an award for it's calming properties and can work wonders with many dogs while the fireworks are going off. Even though it doesn't stop the scary noises, it can help to keep your dog calmer and more relaxed.

A customer wrote in to us after bonfire night last year, to say

"Lily is normally totally freaked out by fireworks. After spraying K9 Organics calming spray on Lily and her bed, she is now happily asleep with all the fireworks going off outside! -IT WORKS! She stayed in her bed, no panting, no shaking through the bangs.."

And, to help with Bonfire Night calmness, we've teamed up with Wrendale Designs to offer your dog a real treat!

K9 Organics Bonfire Night Competition

We're giving away this gorgeous Wrendale dog bed and K9 Organics Lavender Calming Spray to one lucky dog this Bonfire Night. In order to go into the draw with a chance to win, you need to, on behalf of your dog:

  1. Like and follow any of our social media pages - either Facebook Twitter or Instagram

  2. Share any of our Bonfire Night Competition posts

  3. Post a photo of your dog

  4. Tell us how your pet is on bonfire night with all the scary firework

We're really looking forward to seeing your dog photos and sharing some of your stories. Bonfire night is a terrible time for many dogs and if you have any tips or advice that work for your dog, we'd love to hear about it! We'll share it on our social media pages along with a photo of your dog, and see if we can all get together and help others this year...

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