How We are Getting Addicted to K9 Organics

However you choose to describe that magical connection you have with your four-legged family member, it’s become an essential part of your life. Something that fuels your inner self, enhances your well-being and even improves your health.

But guess what. That little bit of heaven, as good as it sounds, could be tweaked to become even better. We’ve found a way to elevate your evening snuggle (or your morning hug) to an even higher level of Nirvana.

How to Improve Upon Perfection

Your dog is the ultimate companion but at the same time… a dog. Their hair is a living diary of the day’s activities, whether it’s a romp in a field or a roll in the mud.

Snuggling up to your canine companion at the end of the day means getting a face full of everything they’ve encountered that day. Even after a day at the groomer’s you might still be getting a face full of smelly chemicals or hair products that weren’t created with your essential evening snuggle in mind.

Snuggle up to This!

Since we discovered K9 Organics dog shampoo, our snuggle experience has improved to levels of unsurpassed, absolute Nirvana. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients so there are no harsh, perfumery smells, Only your dog’s fur, essential oils, and you. Nothing comes between you and your pet… no toxins, no synthetic chemicals, no irritants, no strange odours, nothing to irritate your or your dog’s skin.

What’s more, this line is hand blended in Cheshire, which means great things for the environment (shop local!). Plus, all the toxic chemicals that the K9 Organics brand leaves out, like harsh sudsidng agents are skin irritants and known to cause environmental damage.

Clearly, Not all Addictions are Equal

So whether you’re worried about harsh chemicals, you have sensitive skin, you want to help the environment, or you’re just all about giving your canine companion the best of everything, this is clearly one addiction that you can feel free to indulge!

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