Country Roses

It takes tens of thousands of rose blossoms to yield a very small amount of Rose oil, making rose oil one of the scarcest sought after essential oils.

Rose contains a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, possessing excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dryness, so it is ideal for dogs with an itchy or irritated skin. Only a few drops are necessary to reap the benefits for your dog’s health and coat.

Country Rose has a wonderful lustrous scent with an undertoning hint of geranium. It is excellent for highly strung or anxious dogs, as Rose is one of nature’s gentle calmers. Country Rose shampoo will help to soothe redness being a natural solution for inflammation and irritation. It can help with minor scratches from those fun woodland walks as the shampoo helps to prevent water loss in the skin for wound healing. The beautiful Country Rose formulation is a perfect summer essential wash that will leave your dog’s coat supremely clean, bright and fresh.

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