When Pepe Met Tigger

When Pepe met Tigger

1. What is your name and what do you do? My name is Tigger and I run an animal community website which is by animals for animals. Animals can read news, reviews, interviews and dog friendly places to take their humans and much more. I am also an almost nearly famous newshound and publish my own monthly newspaper which is free to download from my website.

2. Describe your perfect day out… My perfect day out is meeting up with my pals and their humans for a nice walk followed up by relaxing refreshments at a dog friendly café or restaurant. Oh and treats…plenty of treats!

3. Morning walk or evening stroll?

I am more of an afternoon stroll sort of hound as I spend my mornings dealing with emails, chatting with my many pals from around the world and working on my website. Plus it gives my human a chance to wake up and consume several mugs full of coffee.

4. What person or thing do you treasure the most? I treasure my humans the most because without them I would not have found my forever sofa. They picked me from loads of dogs at a rescue and stuck with me during the early days where I had so many behavioural issues and helped me work through most of them. I am still working progress on the remaining issues.

5. How can people help the Broken Biscuits Charity? I list registered charities on my website but I tend to let animals decide for themselves whether they support a charity.

6. Talking of biscuits…. Biscuits or Bone?

Definitely biscuits as I do not eat bones as there are so many risks with me eating bones.

7. Bath or Shower?

Neither! Under total protest I would say a bath, but only as a last resort.

8. Talking of showers; Would you like to have a wash in K9 Organics and share you experience with us? I have tested one of your pawsome products and have written a review

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