About K9 Organics

K9 Organics - Quick facts

  • 100% Natural - 100% Nourishing

  • Made with over 98% Certified Organic ingredients (remaining 2% is water)

  • Naturally helps to repel fleas

  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable formulations

  • Your dog can lick himself safely after bathing in K9 Organics - No harsh residues!

  • Specifically chosen essential oils for their functionalities and health benefits.

  • Second to none for brightening and whitening, even stained coats.

  • Suitable for regular use for long and short hair.

  • Kind and Gentle

  • Suitable for dogs, puppies and sensitive skins

  • High dilution ratio - One bottle of shampoo will last you many washes!

  • Rated 10/10 by Groomers and Dog Spa's.

  • Hand blended and made with love

  • Supporting an eco friendly sustainable environment

  • Minimizing pollution


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