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"Star, our papillon, doesn't often need a bath, but a friend recommended K9 Organics so I thought I'd give it a try.  I ordered their Geranium & Tangerine dog shampoo.  It was lovely - beautifully scented and very easy to use.  Star smelt really nice afterwards and still does over a week later!  Fab customer service and really nice to receive a bonus treat!

Would definitely recommend!"  Rachel 

Cute puppy
Cute puppy
Cute puppy

"Lily is normally totally freaked out by fireworks. After spraying K9 Organics calming spray on Lily and her bed, she is now happily asleep with all the fireworks going off outside! -

IT WORKS! She stayed in her bed, no panting, no shaking through the bang.." - Julie

Doris had flaky skin for a while and I tried many different shampoos to help. I saw your organic Rose shampoo   and thought  I would give it a go.  After a few baths her skin is completely clear and she's less itchy. She loves the outdoors so it's nice to know I can clean her whilst helping her skin! Elaine

Mucky Pups
Mucky Pups
Mucky Pups

"I am delighted to have found such a high quality and environmentally friendly shampoo for my dogs. My 2 springer spaniels are total mud monsters so i'm really pleased to have found a product that i can use regularly and know it is safe. Their coats are so shiny and the smell of dog has disappeared, which is a miracle!" 

Thanks to Katie and her two mucky pups x

I’ve have just used my K9 Organics dog shampoo and it smells really nice and has left a nice glow on my dog! Would recommend!   Thanks   Connor 

A great big thank you to Connor and his great looking pup x

cute puppy
cute puppy
cute puppy

Hi Karen I received my order and used it on Darcy my sheltie today.I was amazed how easily it rinsed out of his thick coat and as he has skin problems I've tried lots of different products.As your products are chemical free that's even better as I try to be chemical free in every way in our home .I will look forwards to trying your other beautiful products .good luck Marilyn P

Thank you  Marilyn   for taking   the   time   to  email   us and sharing your thoughts and forwarding this wonderful after bath photograph of the beautiful Darcy x

 Hi everyone,
Thank you for my order of shampoo, we used it on Saturday & it’s fabulous! Alb's has a fantastic white coat which isn’t dull for once! The shampoo itself is lovely to lather & not too thick or watery. Love the price & organic which is a must!!
I’d love to have a scented sensitive shampoo but suitable for a boy!!! I find most are girly! (If that makes sense!!!)

Thank you for the extras!!! The chew will go to my Mums as my boy is on homemade natural treats only but it’ll be greatly appreciated !!!

The blog/leaflet was a joy to read & from that I’ve followed you on instagram, fb & Twitter!! (I post photos of my boy, lots & lots of photos of my boy!!!! )

Thank you & best wishes
Albi & Dannii

 Lilly has done really well with the shampoo, just minor itch when fist done but went off quickly. Our other dog Cali has a skin problem too so used it on her as well and she was good no rubbing on rugs afterwards!!

So will definitely use this all the time.

Have attached a pic of the girls hope it comes out okay.

cute puppy


Kind regards Gail, Lilly and Cali