Our lightweight, yet tough terracotta coloured pet bowl is made entirely from eco-friendly and bio degradable materials that are heat resistant, waterproof and dishwasher safe 

Eco friendly bio degradable dog bowl

SKU: 0013
  • Our new dog bowl is made from ‘bamboo fibre,’ a natural, durable and practical alternative to plastics, ceramics and glassware. This composite of bamboo powder, organic resin, corn starch and recycled rice husks is bonded together by a resin derived solely from renewable resources. 


    Is it bio degradable?


    The simple answer is yes! Unlike the discarded plastics that are mounting up in land-fill sites, Bamboo Fibre has been designed to break down when buried in soil and exposed to the long term moisture this provides. Don’t worry, even under these conditions the process takes 2-3 years and bamboo fibre won’t degrade in any other situation.