Country Rose Care and Conditioning Spray is a wonderful accompaniment and second step to your dog grooming regime after washing with K9 Organics Shampoo. Aloe Vera, Jojoba seed, shea butter and olive fruit oil helps to detangle and care for the coat whilst the subtle scents of Rose Geranium essential oil will help refresh the coat. Can be used and rinsed out during your dog wash, or ideal as a spray for all coat types, especially longer haired dogs as a leave-in coat conditioner at any time of day. 

Country Rose Care & Conditioning spray 250ml

SKU: 0015
  • K9 Organics is an award winning Organic, vegan, eco-conscious dog product company using only certified organic and 100% natural ingredients which are earth friendly and Bio-degradable - So you can be sure you are doing the best for your dog’s health whilst supporting the environment. 

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