Pepe's Tale

Pepe's Tale

One fine autumn evening in late September, whilst I was dreaming of a forever home. A knock at the door came. Two friendly looking ladies wearing smiles of excitement followed, entering the hallway from the outside drizzling rain.

Lots of barks ensued as my brothers and sisters insisted on making a welcoming scene, ferociously dancing around acting like some kind of misbehaved puppies, as I sat quietly on my cushion, curiously awaiting an explanation for their visit.


After a moment of humanly chatter, I was scooped up by my feeder and placed into a ladies blanket. I soon felt at ease. Her big brown eyes lovingly gazing down bringing instant comfort to my interrupted and shortly before, recumbent posture! It was a comfortable blanket transfer at least and I dare say, I was glad to be away from the barking circus that was now performing in my once quiet little den!

Infact, I wished they'd take me with them, should they leave any time soon.

As more chatter took place, I nestled my nose into the warm sheets..  

Then before I knew it, I felt another shift. We were making headway for the doors. My luck was in. I was going with them! In my amazement, I began to wonder if this blanket had read my mind - and whether infact, this cosy magic carpet, had remarkably, granted me my first wish and if this was now the beginning of my forever home – the one that I had been dreaming about nightly, my whole short life…  

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