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We are very eco-conscious at K9 Organics. Our grooming range is created with only certified organic and 100% natural ingredients which are Bio-degradable, Eco-friendly and totally sustainable. Our subtle scents are all Organic. We switched to paper labels to decrease plastic use & have a plant based bottle alternative to house our dog shampoo. Our new additional dog treats are all 100% natural, grain free and suitable for dogs with food allergies. We strive daily to bring your dog the most wonderful organic and natural products that will ensure he is happy & healthy, while helping to reduce his ecological pawprint. 

🌿 #Organic 🌿 #Natural 🌿 #EcoFriendly

🌿 #Biodegradable 🌿#Vegan 🌿#Sustainable 🌿#EcoPaws

Going organic isn't a trend. It's a return to tradition.


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