Organic, Vegan, Eco-friendly and Natural Dog Grooming Range

Made in the U.K The Dog Collection @ K9 Organics is a brand that offers everything

We’re natural, organic, vegan friendly, cruelty-free, eco-friendly AND biodegradable.

Our aim is to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Our vegan, organic, natural & biodegradable shampoos & conditioners are packed in plant-based bottles, with paper labels, and are made in the UK with locally-sourced ingredients.

If you need a clean, beautifully-smelling and want to sleep at night with a clear conscience, K9 Organics is THE brand for you.

What makes us the best?

  • Completely natural, organic, vegan, eco-friendly AND biodegradable

  • Award-winning for 3 years running

  • Paper labels

  • Plant-based bottle alternatives available

  • Made in the UK with UK-sourced ingredients

  • Beautiful Natural Scents

Why choose K9 Organics?

  • Small ecological footprint

  • Rest assured no animals harmed

  • Great range of wonderfully-smelling shampoo flavours

  • Your dog will have a healthy, shiny coat 

  • No skin or coat damage - Contains no harsh chemicals

  • Gentle – can be used for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin

Doris, Lurcher

"Doris had flaky skin for a while and I tried many different shampoos to help. I saw your organic Rose shampoo and thought  I would give it a go.  After a few baths her skin is completely clear and she's less itchy. She loves the outdoors so it's nice to know I can clean her whilst helping her skin!" 

Mud Monsters, Springer Spaniels

"My 2 springer spaniels are total mud monsters so i'm really pleased to have found a product that i can use regularly and know it is safe. Their coats are so shiny and the smell of dog has disappeared, which is a miracle!" 

Darcy, Sheltie

"I was amazed how easily it rinsed out of his thick coat and as he has skin problems I've tried lots of different products.As your products are chemical free that's even better as I try to be chemical free in every way in our home .I will look forwards to trying your other beautiful products."

The K9 Organics Story

When Pepe, our beautiful, brave, funny dachshund came to live with us. (The little dog who is also renowned for pinching footwear, especially favouring slippers!) developed a skin condition in 2015 we were shocked to find that there were NO dog shampoos on the market that were organic with only natural ingredients which were vegan friendly.  

We set out to rectify that... and K9 Organics was born. Being one of the fastest-growing UK dog shampoo brands, we pride ourselves on making beautiful environmentally friendly products for your dogs (and horses!) Kirsty, a true lover of the countryside and holistic way of living has published pieces on specialist pet topics and regularly writes for dog & horse magazines. Karen is passionate about organics and essential oils and is often formulating new exciting products using all things kind and natural for your dogs!

Why not try...

As an introduction to K9 Organics and with Bonfire Night approaching, why not try our Lavender Calming Spray? 

Lavender calming spray

Not only does it smell wonderful, it will also help your pet to relax. A useful, travel-friendly bottle, ideal to have on hand on bonfire night, on visits to the vet, or at any other times your pet finds stressful. 


It’s priced £7 a bottle. Your dog will thank you for it! 

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